Prayer Requests from Sunday, August 18

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

August 18, 2019 Prayer List

Please keep the following in your prayers and thoughts this week.  God is aware of their specific need for prayers. If you have a prayer request for yourself or a loved one please connect with us at

For our new members

For Pastor Esther as she explores the foster care process with Bethany Christian Services for unaccompanied migrant children.

Health and wellness to children

For California, Kansas City, and El Paso. Pray for people's safety in public places

Foster children seeking forever homes

Caretakers and their families

Peace in America and the world

Marriages and families

President and Vice President

Mary who broke her shoulder

Margaret who is getting ready to undergo double mastectomy

Karen as she recovers from hip surgery

Gay’s mother who fell and broke her hip

Kris’ family and friends

Vickie as she deals with cancer

For families that lost loved ones in recent tragedies.

For Katelyn and Ian and their beautify baby Noa

Healing for Kent and his wife and marriage

Healing for Kellies arm

Brian’s aunt in hospital

Brian to have a door open for employment

Marsha to get funding to buy a home

blessings of healing over Brian’s sister from cancer

Keith’s surgery on his knee and shoulder

Amber from addiction

Kristi’s grandfather

Zach and Brie’s healing

Ashley’s new baby on the way

All those starting college

Shaun’s addiction

Lilly’s mother with lung cancer

Vicke’s breast cancer

Louise’s healing

Joel and Becky’s parents

Maria for health, job, family and guidance



Anne and Clint as they are traveling to Mayo Clinic this week in MN.