virtual song project

A call to Spring of Life Church and friends!

We believe in the power of music and joining our voices together. We're inviting Spring of Life and friends to join in sending us a video of yourself singing or holding up a sign as we create a video of our community singing the song "Somebody's Hurting My Brother." 


Join us in lifting our voices and not being silent any longer to the injustices we see in our world!

how to participate

There are two ways to participate - all videos due by JULY 22ND:

1. Submit a video as a part of our "virtual choir"

2. Submit a video of yourself holding up a sign

See below for details...

Join the Virtual choir

1. Learn the song by watching this video below, taught by the composer, Yara Allen:

2. Download the lyrics and track HERE - sing the response parts only (in bold)

3. Record a video of yourself singing the song:   

  • Make sure you're in a well lit space with as little background noise as possible 

  • Start the recording and sing along with the practice track using in-ear headphones so that we can't hear it on the video

  • Clap (or count) with the beginning count-off to the song (ex: 1...2...clap clap clap clap)

5. Upload your video to this Google Drive Folder or e-mail it to no later than JULY 22ND

hold up a sign

If you aren't much of a singer, we'd love to have you in our video holding up a sign with a line from the song. Download the lyrics HERE to make your own sign, or print out one of our pre-made signs to hold up:


For any questions or help, contact: