"Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst." -John 4:14

Church family, this is a difficult year. There's no way around that. Still I have seen, over and over again, in the wake of pandemics and anxiety, of cancelled plans and disrupted dreams, and of economic challenges and uncertainty, how this congregation has come back to the well of faith, and drunk deeply of Christ's promises of hope, peace, and wholeness. 


As we approach stewardship season, it seems tactless, even tone-deaf, to be asking for money when so many of us are anxious about our own finances. We will have to dig deep this year in order to fund the church's ministries in 2021. But I have also seen how deeply we draw from the church--from this community and all the comfort it offers and from the God we greet each week in worship--in times of crisis. 


This church is like a well. It may take backbreaking sacrifice to dig the shaft, and to pull up buckets of life-sustaining water. But the water that pours from this well is Christ's Living Water, given for us that we may never thirst. 


So this year I am asking you to dig deeply, but also to draw often, and drink freely. Sacrifice with us, work with us, dig with us to create this church as aplace where all find rest, comfort, and love; but then sit a minute, and do not forget to drink from the well yourself, from Jesus' living water that never runs dry. 


Over the next few weeks, I ask you to prayerfully consider what you expect to be able to give in 2021, financially and of your time. We fully understand that financial promises are often just guesses right now, and you are always free to adjust your pledge at any time if you find your circumstances change. However, having an estimate of what we expect our financial resources to be allows us to create a responsible and reasonable budget. Information on how to pledge follows.


Above all, I give thanks for the generosity of this congregation that has sustained through this year's upheaval, and for the free-flowing gifts of God that enable us to move forward into an uncertain future with sure and certain hope in the Lord. We are the church together and only when we all participate can we live into our mission. 


-Pastor Esther and Finance Committee